A Piece of Paradise in Malang

24 05 2011

Everybody knows Bali. Who knows since when. It’s beautiful, that might be the reason they call it The Island of God. It’s so popular, it even better known than the country it belongs, Indonesia. But, damn!, I’ve never been there yet! I haven’t got a chance to see its beauty. I’m dying to go there. But somehow my craving of Bali somewhat unintentionally satisfied when i came to a place called Ubud Hotel & Villas.

So the story took place when I was still working in KapanLagi.com™, sometimes in the beginning of November 2010. One of my favorite indie band, Efek Rumah Kaca, had a concert in Malang, a gig in SMA 8. Fortunately, they had got a chance to come to KL office and made some interview. When they had to get back to their hotel, me and some friends joined them. And Ubud Hotel & Villas was their hotel.

What a place was Ubud Hotel & Villas! I felt like i was already in Bali, but still in the center of Malang.

The place was cool, airy, and we were already greeted with typical Balinese atmosphere even since we stepped on the gate. There were some shady trees here and there made the air became so cool. Moreover, the views of green rice fields in west side plus a gurgling stream of the water in the pool next to the room really made my day!

I also had a chance to see the room where ERK‘s member stayed. Felt very comfortable. Above all, the windows and the doors looked so Bali! It’s great for a photoshot spot.

My favorit spot was its hall. It’s a kind of a wide open space with roof, half walled in two sides, and some pillars. Completed with a comfortable wooden seat and a set of gamelan (and it could be played freely!). From this wooden seat, we could see those beautiful green rice field. Cool!

Sitting on a wooden chair, gentle breeze, cool green scenery, and the hypnotic sounds of gamelan, sound so perfect to make all my troubles away. Surely, I just wanted to sleep with that comfy scene!

Just see some of my photos there here 🙂

Find Ubud Hotel & Villas here:
Jl. Bendungan Sigura-gura Barat 6 Malang
East Java – Indonesia
Phone: 0341-57 1313, Fax: 0341-57 1113
Email: marketing@hotelubud-malang.com

The map:




6 responses

25 05 2011

hey, u can take ur hunny to go there. he’s mbah²ane BALI :))

25 05 2011

wkwkwk.. that’s the plan 😀 mugo2 aeee :D:D

27 05 2011

pengen kesana
ntar lagi kan honey moon 😛

thanks rekomendasinya

27 05 2011

🙂 sama samaaa

5 03 2012

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7 08 2012
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